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new crown epidemic on the industry what the impact? Tsinghua University, Peking University joint research 995 small and medium enterprises, the results show, by the novel coronavirus infection of the pneumonia outbreak, 85% of enterprises will last beyond three months! Supposed to? Under epidemic estate suppliers how "life"? Cloud Procurement launched a line of interviews, listen to the sound from the most real partners, but we also think that the perspective of wisdom and practice of quality suppliers to share through this interview, for the development of the industry under the guiding influence of the epidemic.


In the end, holding Dongpeng President Gong Zhiyun, CEO Dr. Wang Junfeng L茅win Lei Ang Art Smart in China, North Yu Wang Wang Dapeng, head of strategy, Germany Berenger (Asia-Pacific) Vice Chairman Guo Wanyi, founder of Iraq to send design people & segment Wenjuan general manager, general manager of Star-net community wisdom and good forest division, vice president of industry Yan Yuxun door Sam Young, general manager of HSBC Sanitary Division Zhupei Cheng, Portable solar executive vice president of Lei Feng, deputy Fukuda appliances Liu Jianhui total participated in the interview.


and answered three questions from the perspective of the industry as well as their own practice: 1. This is a big epidemic it to the supplier industry business impact? Reflected in what areas? 2. The face of the epidemic, what is your response companies can share? 3. After the epidemic, what do you think the industry will change?

is from left to right (in a row): Gongzhi Yun, Da-Peng Wang, Guowan Yi, Wen-Juan segment, LIN Shan, and


is from left to right (second row): Wang Junfeng, Yanyu Xun, Zhupei Cheng, Lei Feng, Liu Jianhui


Next, we take a look at everyones wonderful to share:


epidemic service suppliers of the industry how it affects?


a sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic, real estate and related industries pressed the pause button.


February all housing prices take, construction, sales have stopped, had a hard time housing prices, the real estate industrys upstream supply chain of many companies are facing serious challenges, mainly in several ways :


1 production and supply: the epidemic under general upstream supply chain extended period, increasing the supply pressure after the start


return to work late, the workers returned to the post time of uncertainty, logistics and other factors delayed will extend the suppliers production and delivery time, which is the supplier side under the impact of the epidemicThe primary challenges faced.


North Yu Wang Wang Dapeng, head of strategy: "On the product inventory problem, the current epidemic, the start time for each base to inform the local government as an accurate time base start unsure which led directly to the staff. hysteresis common phenomenon back post, but the Shinchi yuwang major base end of each year will be an ample supply of inventory, pending the southern area of 鈥嬧€媘ajor property developers ready to start only as long as a logistics flow, North Yu Wang will be able to instantly engineering products timely and stable supply. "


LIN Shan, general manager of Ruijie wisdom and community Division:." As the impact of the epidemic, the country generally return to work extension, factory workers can not be in place in time, the logistics delayed, resulting in the upstream general extension of the supply chain lead times, increase the supply pressure after the start. for the project to be delivered in the first half of real estate, especially in hardcover project, project delivery, there is a relatively large pressure, faced delivery time node compression and on-site installation and commissioning personnel in place the dual pressure. "Star-net has been done in the previous quarter for the first half of 2020 the project required quantities of reserves of raw materials at the factory and can return to work the first time put into production, is not affected by incoming logistics constraints. Meanwhile, the technical services department will also return to work to ensure the safety of the case, the positive response to customer demand.


General Manager, HSBC Sanitary Division Zhupei Cheng: "At present, enterprises have not yet fully resumed formal resumption of production, even the return to work, employees in the country, is also not for duty on time, the superposition of these factors will seriously affect operating rate, can inevitably have a greater impact on production. with the capacity to influence the contract may not meet the timely delivery of strategic real estate developers, this time on the entire supply chain system to make the plant started after a severe test subject. day HSBC group has temporarily set up epidemic prevention committee and the project team to ensure that employees return to work security at the same time and accelerate the progress of work, make every effort to meet the needs of each client. "


2 financial pressure: real estate projects suspended, real estate housing sales decline, the upstream raw material supplier delivery delays, etc., are a direct result of the financial pressure on suppliers


in terms of real estate suppliers, the key to successfully weather the test of what is epidemic? The key is the key to funding.


The first quarter sales would be more bleak, but there is still a lot of costs, such as wages, rent, etc., will lead to the original is not well-off capital chain collapse tighter.Iraq to send design segment Wenjuan founder & General Manager, Portable Solar executive vice president Feng Lei, CEO Dr. Wang Junfeng L茅win Lei Ang Art Smart in China, this interview also expressed concern in this regard:


East Peng Gong Zhiyun Holdings president:. "quality management is relatively weak business is profitability, relatively low margin businesses their anti-risk ability, cash flow risk if there will be no income for three consecutive months, but also to staff expenditure wages and other costs, will result in a shortage of cash flow, this risk is real big, "Dr. Wang Junfeng CEO


L茅win Ray Ang Art smart in China:." 1, real estate sales room products are affected, directly the impact of real estate suppliers and follow up the signing of new business, thereby affecting the income of real estate down payment suppliers; 2, real estate cash flow is affected, directly affect the real estate supplier has signed a supply contract execution lag, and directly affect the purchase price to pay the purchase price of income, thereby affecting the real estate suppliers; 3, real estate suppliers are generally the manufacturing sector, the epidemic directly affect production employees and the duty to work, thus affecting the progress of manufacturing goods, further affect the suppliers manufacturing real estate income; 4, real estate supplier of upstream suppliers subject to the same effect, resulting in not timely delivery of raw materials also affect the progress of manufacturing goods, further deterioration of income-property suppliers; 5, upstream suppliers once the cash flow break status, suppliers must estate cash spot purchases of raw materials, leading to deterioration of the situation of the real estate cash suppliers; 6, real estate supplier, on the one hand to the face of strong upstream suppliers to provide raw materials after the first payment; on the one hand to the face of strong government, return to work need layers of approval, employees can not duty, but could not pay the rent still pay production; on the one hand to the face of strong real estate, receivables after the first delay in delivery, if the late delivery to the developers, but also . face legal risk heavy fines on the current status of the development of the epidemic speculation, real estate suppliers will face a very difficult 2 month - May, if the epidemic is not effectively controlled, real estate suppliers will be further at risk of closure. "


Portable solar executive vice president of Lei Feng: "the need for epidemic prevention and control of all real estate projects so far have not started, so we do not have a project started, but has been admitted but did not reach the pre-contract payments node the cost of the project because of the suspension of the project and gradually increase for the year after preTotal goods under the projects because the project is also prepared to suspend use of funds. Even if the epidemic will ease because of the need to increase the prevention and control of project costs. "Iraq to send design segment Wenjuan founder & CEO:" Under the influence of the epidemic, employees return post time delayed start time to be determined, will undoubtedly increase the funding burden on businesses, especially in the first quarter, causing some difficulties in the normal business activities of enterprises will, business and market needs a restoration process. "


3 business sales: real estate companies delayed return to work to influence the procurement requirements, the impact of the annual target cooperation program extended reach


According to the current government to return to work in batches of complex production requirements, real estate enterprises to basically return to work in the mid-late February to March, individual local real estate enterprises return to work time is estimated to be much later addition, some developers will be delayed procurement tenders, which will be directly related to the real estate business cooperation suppliers.


Dongpeng Holdings president Gong Zhiyun said the epidemic together with the national regulatory policies, the real estate industry usher in a turning point, and will also affect the ceramic aggregate demand. on the impact of the crisis on the industry, the greatest impact or the domestic market impact on the industry as a whole, 80%, may be even greater because of the broad impact of the epidemic, high strength, are unexpected. in this month, and even into the second quarter, domestic sales will be greatly affected to the enterprise will cause great difficulties. in addition the national real estate sales decline during the epidemic is serious, will affect the business expectations of future markets.


Fukuda Electric executive vice president Liu Jianhui think, deferred real estate enterprises return to work on purchase of short-term demand will have a greater impact; due to the impact of the epidemic, most companies have postponed resumption resumption of production, resulting in a number of years ago, determined to promote cooperation program needs to be extended, temporarily unable to advance, to reach this years goal will have some do not uncertainty;


North Yu Wang Wang Dapeng, head of strategy, also said the major real estate project Jicai tender canceled or postponed due to the Lunar New Year holidays postponed, the major real estate office hours is also uneven. many real estate Jicai bidding projects directly to cancel or postpone Jicai time will require several rounds online or proposed standard, which directly affect the actual sales of the industry. but we also do the online reference standard preparation is subject to negotiation. [ 123]

   4 corporate governance and employment pressure: business backlog test of the companys management and execution, after the plague centralized supply lead to labor tensions


   Iraq to send designFounder & General Manager segments Wenjuan said: "For us hardcover and soft loading design engineering companies, the problems faced are as follows: New project delays start; soft-mounted projects delayed return to work and normal service is likely to backlog, which requires the company good management and implementation capacity; New Years Eve projects require teamwork and communication such as remote office during this period needs to have a positive attitude, such as: the team building, service optimization and other epidemics after carding and preparation ahead of time. "[123. ]

Deputy Mizakae door industry Yanyu Xun said that affected by the epidemic to suspend the project will be the construction node leads to the summit epitomizes supply needs, plans to start the project at the end of the epidemic will be in a short-term point of time there are centralized supply requirements, installation requirements, because the epidemic will lead to labor tensions.




the face of the epidemic, the benchmark supplier what response?


The face of the epidemic, waiting too passively, through this interview, we found that the real estate benchmark by suppliers in product development, to secure production capacity, internal staff "large-scale training", organized performance management, marketing positions multi-channel distribution, information technology and other ways to actively respond to the epidemic test.


1. The development of new or existing products forging skill, enhance the product in the market after the plague of competitiveness


Under the influence of the epidemic, on the one hand stimulate new demand, on the one hand but also for enterprises product development provides a window period, during this period, Braun, Portable solar, Star-net are forging new skill or polish the original product, making the product more competitive in the market competition in the future.


Germany Berenger (Asia-Pacific) Vice Chairman Guo Wanyi believes in product development, epidemic Braun gave a good tip, home building materials products will implement more electronic, touch-free category, intelligent voice products. And that happens, this is also the focus of a recent development Braun, Braun said that the future will continue to increase above categories of product development, synchronous buck to Berengers real estate partners, optimizing the consumer experience together.


Portable Solar executive vice president of Lei Feng also said that R & D departments to step up research and public relations on new product development, research and development of new products for use in the assembly building, pay close attention to product trial production has been finalized.


Star-net positive initiatives in this area are: 1. to improve and optimize the product and focus on internal processes, looking for businessBreakthrough, improve internal management efficiency. Organizations focus on online training to enhance operational capacity.


2. Star-net system has been developed to promote the communitys wisdom, always lead the industry in product innovation. During the epidemic, "non-contact type economy" has been widespread concern, Star-net as early as 2016, make a million have no sense of community intelligence community to achieve passage of the scene, such as face recognition, ladder control linkage scan code access and other functions. Currently, Star-net demand for immunization services in order to further the good of the community, based on the original intelligence community features scene, the intelligence community video intercom, AI smart home temperature measurement and thermal imaging systems for rapid combination, increase the body temperature measurement module, the "mask + identity + temperature" of the early warning and monitoring, reducing the work pressure of property managers.


2. modest return to work after the epidemic prevention support and government approval, to secure the capacity required for business and


capacity and is a key supplier Vital suppliers could survive the test of the epidemic, Therefore, to ensure that production and supply is the top priority of many enterprises to cope with the epidemic strategies. Many supplier companies in epidemic prevention and secure government approval after a modest return to work, to secure production capacity and operational requirements.


in terms of product inventory, North Yu Wang has put the production of basic materials for products to get ready at the end of 2019, its bulk raw materials can at least ensure that the production scale of six months, it is completely stable and timely return to work after real estate projects to provide superior quality waterproofing products. And in accordance with government requirements, Yu Wang has been in the North Group office, the factory arranged a disinfection facilities, admission and other security measures to detect, not only to ensure the safety of workers, but also to ensure the safety of products to help the government fight the epidemic prevention and control of defense war.


while still Ruijie February 3 start line was fully return to work, to sort and re-sort has been disrupted due to the epidemic of worker nodes. Market line actively communicate with customers, combing the first half of the required inventory delivery of the project, coordination ahead of supply, inventory stock. Factory production lines are reported under the district government for review beginning to return to work, to protect the project during the first half of the supply will not be affected.


with one hand and epidemic prevention and control, on the one hand resumed production complex. Fukuda Electric also from February 12, under the guidance and approval of government departments, and gradually return to work re-production, post production is necessary, necessary management positions is now gradually into the normal state; second, toAfter the release of centralized procurement epidemic increase delivery capacity, this time, Fukuda Electric is actively stocking, inventory increase efforts to ensure the resumption of real estate joint customers the ability to deliver products and shorten delivery time as much as possible.


In the case of front-line workers can not scale for duty, Portable Solar organize small-scale production line technicians in the workshop technologies to upgrade production capacity, able to respond promptly to ensure that after the start of sudden and large number of orders.


3. The organizations internal staff, "large-scale training" to ensure professionalism, after the epidemic better customer service real estate


Although delayed return to work, employees can not conduct business in a timely manner, but in fact many suppliers not slack, and actively organize internal staff "large-scale training", the use of online training and other ways to effectively enhance the operational capacity of engineering service team, service capabilities.


such as North Yu Wang, although the staff delayed returning to, but for various North Yu Wang continued training on product knowledge, knowledge construction, technology exchange and for sale on the online service, the absolute guarantee of their work professional, and strive to provide customers with the best service experience.


Fukuda appliances also through distance learning, online education, etc., the business team continued to carry out remote training, and improve the ability of the business team, to better carry out real estate business, real estate customer service. .


4 seize the marketing advantage at the line epidemic, conduct business online; main business focus, risk prevention


Under the epidemic, many vendors line marketing positions are ineffective, line but has become a powerful channel business development, so many companies will also be conducted online marketing positions of the transfer.


L茅win Ray Ang intelligent artistic innovation expand their business online, use the source of cloud cloud platform online purchasing advantages and building suppliers online business hall, to establish business contacts with more high-quality real estate, for the brand warehousing, participation in the bidding, and use their own product advantages gain new customer support.


The Portable Solars channel retailers have also been active in online sales under the unified arrangements of the group, to carry out all sorts of micro-channel full spike groups and other forms of sales activities.


Dongpeng Holding Gong Zhiyun president also said that after the epidemic, enterprise marketing focus from offline to the online transfer will be a significant change.


In addition Gong Zhiyun is also recommended to prevent risks.First, to ensure cash flow to survive. The outbreak crisis, the enterprise is a severe test. Three or four months is not output, no income, to maintain the normal operation of the company, cash flow is the biggest problem. In addition, to re-adjust the entire enterprise operations planning. In addition to early heart Yung Shin, the main business focus, prudent investment in fixed assets, prudent risk prevention.


5. Comprehensive information technology


Germany Berenger (Asia-Pacific) Vice Chairman Guo Wanyi said that in the comprehensive application of information technology, Braun already has orders to shipments from the production of C2M information systems, and improve the much billed platform during the epidemic. B. Braun will speed up the pace, quick access to comprehensive information stage. For example Berenger people, one person cockpit data, this will be basically realized in March.




epidemic after which the industry will change?


After the outbreak industry will be what changes occur in Iraq to send design founder & general manager Wen-Juan segment considered to have limited influence, limited changes:. "After the outbreak of short-term operation of the market slowdown in the industry, but will recover quickly the national epidemic, leading to the collapse of the original social business demand and consumption. However, many provinces and cities have introduced policies to stimulate the industry, during the epidemic was suppressed housing demand, will gradually rebound after the end of the epidemic, but there will be differences in different parts of , more serious epidemic provinces and four-tier cities, industry short-term market adjustment pressure, and a second-tier cities, market demand, short-term demand for home purchase or slow the market. Some high-turnover companies will face bigger financial problems, short-term correction may affect the industrys upstream and downstream industries, but with the late recovery of demand, limited overall impact on Chinas economy, limited change. "


However, others believe that the sudden outbreak disrupted many businesses the pace of development, and even change the direction of an industry, this is a challenge, but also an opportunity to challenge behind the change and development. After the outbreak, which the industry will change? Respondents believe that the changes are mainly focused on these areas:


1 trade to some extent reshuffle


North Yu Wang, Fukuda Electric, HSBC Group, Mizakae door industry respondents believe that after the outbreak, the industry reshuffle will occur to some extent, reflect Matthew, Hengqiang. Strong brand appeal, quality assured the head of the enterprise will be furtherCapture the market share, some of the challenges faced by small and medium enterprises lack competitive advantages would be greater even be eliminated.


North Yu Wang Wang Dapeng, head of strategy, said: "After the outbreak, the scale of enterprises, brands will be higher sales growth on the one hand the magnitude of the first-line brands to ensure strict quality of the product, its advantages inventory, raw material advantages. and service advantages highlighted. on the other hand, focus on the future industry trends, online reference standard proposed standard will be more and more cases, while North yuwang in 18 years on the establishment of strategic information management center, both online and offline service functions functions are perfect, better for business collaboration and real estate Party. "


three Deputy Wing door industry Yanyu Xun think, epidemic prevention and control is not in place, loose organizational structure of companies will certainly bring one of their own inevitable decline, aggregation door industry will become increasingly apparent, from the first outbreak of the crisis within the country but also show the strength of good corporate lies, the future of real estate will be getting enough points to clear some price competition by small and medium enterprises will gradually withdraw from the stage door in the tide.


2. Resilience, financial strength, high-quality enterprise collaboration capabilities to become the touchstone


Ruijie intelligence community Division General Manager Lin Shan and said flexible enterprise architecture, rapid market responsiveness, every industry in responding to rapidly changing market and maintain important elements of healthy development. During the epidemic, communities are also spared no effort to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control work, also tested the intelligence community, and service level management. Digital intelligence community function point, carry out in every corner of the community running from the front to the intelligent device management back-office systems, will implement the digital epidemic prevention in all aspects. This was a "plague", people will be more focused on the deep relationship between health and housing, as well as convenient for the smart home, intelligent community health systems to home life given by the benefits of more attention and new understanding.


Fukuda Electric executive vice president Liu Jianhui also believes that after this outbreak, real estate customers needs change. Vendors have emergency response capabilities, cost control ability, the ability of financial support, the ability to have remote support more by real estate customers.


3 new channels, new tools, the emergence of new demands


Fukuda Electric executive vice president Liu Jianhui said in an interview expressed the need for business flexibility to adjust channel strategy, new drainageRoad will accelerate the rise. Enterprises need to have a stronger ability to learn, planning future capacity development.


Under the epidemic, peoples consumption preferences, behavior, movements are received with the change, so Xings demand, new tools will rise in due course, general manager of HSBC Sanitary Division Zhupei Cheng says that after the epidemic , changes in the industry are:


1 rise of new consumer demand. The outbreak also allows us to see consumers disinfection products, no contact with the huge demand for products, this part of the product will be part of the future of our key consideration.


2. The new office model appears. We can not let the epidemic appears on-site office, which also forced companies to accelerate the use of new layout tools, fast and efficient remote office online.


3. Consumer Relations reconstruction, digital tools and more respected. Previous home building materials enterprises attach great importance to brand building, through stores allow consumers to experience and feel the products and services supplied by the bulk of the Strategic Account for consumers to save money, worry, and effort. The emergence of the epidemic can not let the brand and consumers face communication, and consumer characteristics Layered, community oriented, transaction-oriented online, forcing the industry to re-examine and re-establish consumer relations, the use of new digital tools to better

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