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   developed to date, dozens of types of water purification, but most people welcome or pure water and water purifiers. ? So what do Below small difference between the two from the four areas are summarized as follows:


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   First, the technical

   reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration technology the biggest difference is that the filtration accuracy.

   Reverse osmosis: means applying a high osmotic pressure than the ambient pressure at the inlet side of the membrane, allowing only certain components of the solution and water selective permeation of other substances is impermeable trapped in the film surface process, referred to as the RO, which filtration accuracy of 0.0001 micron.

   UF: In a pressure difference as the driving force, separating the molecular weight range of several hundred to several million, membrane pore size from about 0.001 to 0.2 micron physical screening process, referred to as the UF, which was filtered to 0.001 micron.

   Second, the structure

   of pure water: booster pump requires a power source, the storage tank, typically five filters. The first stage of the filter, the second and third stage is activated, the fourth stage RO reverse osmosis membrane is used in aerospace technology, the fifth stage is refined activated carbon is mainly used to improve the taste.

   purifier: no motor, does not require power, by hydraulic drive filtered, stainless steel tube body, high temperature stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, can adapt to changes in environmental temperature.

   Third, the function

   water machine: impurities, rust, silt, colloids, bacteria, viruses, and harmful radioactive particles, organic substances, fluorescent substances, pesticides removed , it can also get rid of heavy metals and alkaline water; but it will also get rid of trace elements beneficial to humans.

   water filter: filter out impurities in tap water, rust, some bacteria, viruses, colloids, etc., filtered water retention useful trace elements pairs.


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   Fourth, the shortcomings

   of pure water: pure water generated in the waste water process system.

   purifier: the role of heavy metals and alkaline water is not great.

   for water and water purifiers are machines for home water purification machines, the difference between the above functions and small series have to explain, as to choose what kind of water purifier to see their purchasing requirements are evenWhat a.

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