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  Springs cardiac services and tackle war "plague"

   Author: Ma Ying-jeou

   2020-05-12 Source: Original Springs to

   2020 Lunar New Year, an epidemic broke lively originally belonged to the Spring Festival, the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic sweeping the country, each region, people in various fields have invested into this epidemic and fight battles. At this moment, how should we do? Wash your hands, do not go out wearing masks, avoid contact with good self-isolation, bottled water is not called to contribute to the fight against SARS! Home water purifier during the fight against SARS required for the core, rinse free services such as how to do? Do not worry - spring water purifier sales staff 24 hours to remain at their posts! Service is not closing! In the nearest place to spring to clean water has been in the guardian. The current epidemic, we reclaim, spring water purifier sales staff 24 hours to stick to their posts, for users for the core, rinse and other free on-site service, so customers feel free to drink safe mineral water, water purification services to make the fight against SARS jobs. In addition to adhere to our services, but also refused to do because of contagious door caused! On the front of the spring to do after-sales staff: 1 on-site service personnel have implemented morning and evening temperature is detected. 2. determined not sent there cold, cough, fever personnel door. 3. On the front will carry toolbox finishing disinfection. 4. On the front strict wear masks, wear disposable gloves and shoe covers before entering. The service is completed with a disposable wipes to clean work. In addition, we will also address the national epidemic novel coronavirus pneumonia in hospitals and epidemic prevention agencies, Stephen tried to make a donation to the headquarters of water purification equipment to protect health care workers and police safety of drinking water! "Contagion" is still continuing, spring water purifier sales staff to the normal operation of 24 hours, for the majority of users at home peoples health and safety, we will continue to stick to their posts to "extremely guardian" be with you! Springs to users, please be assured that we have a firm and stick with your trust and support, do not worry, you win! Chuen, water purification national service hotline: 400-611-1175.

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