Pipeline water purifier Note thusof which

   With the improvement of peoples quality of life requirements, water purifier will gradually step into millions of households. Today I want to explain the knowledge pipeline water purifier for everyone. But you may not be familiar to pipeline water purifier, pipe water purifier is a water purifier, mainly installed in the main water pipe of the family, for the whole house water purification to remove impurities in the water to ensure that the whole family clean water. Do not worry, if you have needs in this area, might as well come with me together to understand pipeline water purifier knowledge.


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   Pipeline purifier okay

   mounted on the water pipe, removing harmful substances in water, small size, easy maintenance. Water purifier using a filter pipeline is activated carbon, pp cotton, KDF, ultrafiltration, stone, ore fossils. Let you stay away from pollutants and cancer, help enhance the body immunity.

   1. No contaminants that family from the risk of various diseases.

   2. Tea more sweet, more fragrant home cooking, cleaning vegetables, fruits cleaner.

   3. Activation with clean water, weakly basic, row enterotoxin, toxic blood clearance, lipid-lowering effect, help enhance the immune system of the body.


   The water purifier pipe

   The membrane separation technique, the water removed is larger than the aperture impurities, to obtain a high-quality drinking water.

   Pipeline purifier Precautions

   1, attention to the timely replacement of filters

   can not later once the water purifier, need periodic cleaning or replacement. Because no matter what kind of filter material used, or likely to become a breeding ground for bacteria. In the life cycle, replacing the strict implementation of standards, norms post-maintenance services. In product design, the first line of pre-precipitation filter replacement once every three months, the second pass, the replacement of a fourth channel and the fifth channel 6 months. Depending on the life of the filter, the filter should be changed regularly, cleaning and maintenance. Ensure safe drinking water.

   2, away from direct sunlight

   attention away from direct sunlight, will breed blue algae. If there is direct sunlight, it is recommended to build a shade cover or baffle, so play the anti-algae effect.

   3, away from heat

   against the food too long baking will affect the life of the part. To note: to ensure water qualityfresh. Two of water to the tub before washing.

   Edit Summary: The above is piping water purifier Note the use of what knowledge introduction, I hope to be able to help in this area needs friends


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