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   HC mesh filter water purifier water purifier is the core component of intercept harmful substances in water thanks it play a role. The need for regular replacement of the filter element is unnecessary to say. There can be so much water purifier filter, in the end how long replaced once it? In fact, there is a need to replace the filter before the signal. Which reminds us of the signal to change the filter?

   First, the filter introduces

   filters, filter cleaning function is professional supplies, is simple purification and separation apparatus for separating raw fluid. At present, the oil filter is mainly used in filtration, air filtration, water filtration and other filtration industry.

   separation of liquids or gases filter solid particles, for clean air or the normal operation of the protection device. When the fluid enters the filter has a certain size of the filter, which impurities are blocked, the cleaning material flows through the cartridge. Liquid filter liquid (including oil, water, etc.) so that the liquid is contaminated to cleanliness needed for the production, living conditions, i.e. the liquid up to a certain degree of cleanliness.

   With the popularity of various water purification knowledge, it has been widely recognized that: do not change the filter water purifier does not exist, everything has its own life cycle, as the water purification filter supplies less! exceptions, but a lot of people for the core, always too expensive.

   As we all know, our kidneys are the bodys "filter", with detoxification, drainage and endocrine function section. Water enters the body, the first leg of the stomach, and then through the intestinal absorption, liver detoxification into the blood circulation. When drinking water impurity content is too high, it will aggravate the burden of kidney filtration.

   With the filtration filter of the water purifier, the kidneys help the excess water is filtered out impurities, to reduce the pressure in other organs like kidneys. So to physical health, we must promptly replace the water purification filter.

   Second, the filter replacement is not timely harm

   1. Unable to purify water

   filter saturation, will not purify water, not water to remove chlorine, odor, heavy metals elements, thus affecting water quality.

   2. less effective purification

   of the filterTo saturation, contaminants adhered to the surface of the filter clogged pores, resulting in a small amount of water, filtered water quality impact, resulting in purified water "clean" reduced degree. Such drinking water filtration incomplete, might some harmful impurities absorbed into the body, and slowly accumulate in the body down.

   3. A "water" on

   cartridge replacement intervals, saturated cartridge not inhibit bacterial growth in the water, it becomes easy to make the water purifier "water" on.

   4. Overworked, progressive damage

   water purifier is progressively filtered on a filter function, and will be brought under the pressure of a filter, resulting in a lower filter overload of work, will shorten its life. The same case was originally expected to use the two-year period of the filter, the use of less than two years to be replaced. And so on, all the filter life will be greatly shortened.

   Third, the filter replacement signal

   Phenomenon 1: slow water

   (the same as the water temperature and pressure) under the same conditions, the water becomes less water purification system . In this case the filter is likely to be blocked, such as the national water purifier filter close to its useful life, you need to water purifier replacement filter.

   phenomenon 2: fresh water too fast

   water purifier significantly accelerated the emergence of phenomena, this is generally because of damage caused by the RO membrane, then we must be replaced with new RO membrane, or the complete loss of water purifier filter function.

   Phenomenon 3: texture variation

   post carbon filter their lifespan; situation like this is because many impurities bacterial filtration water purifier filter is deposited in the filter at the the long cycle of cause secondary pollution of tap water. Tip We must quickly change the filter, or else water purifier will become "water filter"!

   how they calculate filter replacement time?

   When the filter reaches 80% of regular life, you can replace the water purifier filter. Life of the filter cartridge is ideal for use in water purification deadline, but the water quality of different regions is not the same, the filter can not be used for so long. Therefore, we do not suggest that you wait until it expires filter change, filter usage time reaches about 80% of their ideal life when you can replace.

   Fourth, the common filter replacement cycle

   With the rise of the water purifier market, water purifiers will gradually become thousands of households with home appliances. Consumers have this question, water purifier filter cartridge is a consumable, then, "home water purifier filter core of how long to replace a"?

   Today, the water purification industry in a period of rapid growth , water purifiers dazzling variety of different water purifier filter processes and structures are not the same. But generally speaking, conventional water purifiers and water purifiers the filter element is classified filter element life information may be summarized as follows:

   a hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane (UF) filters, 2--3 years;

   2 reverse osmosis (RO) filter, 2 - 3 years;..

   3 sperm washing coconut shell activated carbon filter particles, six months to one year;

   4 . bulk sintered activated carbon (CTO) filter, six months to one year;

   5.PP cotton filter, 3-6 months;

   6.KDF cartridge 2 - 3 years; [ . 123]

   7 post carbon (small T33, T33 large) filter, a year;

   in summary, water purification and filtration process cartridges different techniques, have different features and service life, the net water heater (water purifier) 鈥嬧€媐ilter cartridge is a consumable, has a limited life. The actual service life depends on local water quality and quantity and frequency of use, often flushing will help to extend the life of the filter element of the water purifier.

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