Using this document unscrupulous businessmen and more consur

  Using this document unscrupulous businessmen and more cautious consumers need to publish Web sites: Published: 2015-12-08

   at the end of last year, CCTV exposed a number of water purification including Panasonic, 3M, including not qualified security issues water purifier for the first time into the public eye. Subsequently, the Jiangsu province health supervision departments inspected a total of 32 companies of 284 water purifier varieties, more than seventy percent of water purification products are not nationally recognized wading products permit this document.

   inspectors to "BES", "Wan love" nearly ten brands of water purifiers carried out surprise checks. Sampling results show that most of these manufacturers produce water purifier products are no state issued a "made products related to drinking water hygiene and safety products health permits this document"; also found a lot of water purifier manufacturers in promoting water purification products, the main impurities in the water component filter - filter, the filter effect is widespread, flow capacity, the lifetime hype.

   If there is no water purifier issued a national "made products related to drinking water hygiene and safety in health permits this document" (referred to as "wading document") is the illegal production, not only may not reach the root of clean water the purpose, there are a lot of secondary pollution may aggravate the tap water, but no effect on health protection. As wading water purification products, water filtration water purification effect obtained by the water purifier must identify the relevant technical supervision departments, in line with previously issued in July, "drinking water quality standards."

   Reminder: Although the water purification industry new national standard has been implemented, but presence of water purifier market has not half the problem can be solved would be good. When buying water purifiers, consumers also need to stay in mind. After all, bad business too, before buying to know more about water purifiers related knowledge is still very necessary.

   priorities: first to see if there are wading water purifier related document, and the product name written on the document, to be consistent model, some have wading documents relating to corporate existence of "a multi-purpose card" situation that a plurality of water purification products using the same type of health permit this document, please be sure to see clearly.

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