Water purifier market need management

   "a better life, beginning from the water" ...... As people increasingly high quality requirements, water purifier gradually become the home of "favorite." By 2016, my countrys water purifier sales of $ 20.3 billion, of which the line sales of 40.5 billion yuan, up 51.7%. There is a saying "ten fast three false." Market hot, but also exposed some problems.



   water purifier quality, but off the record

   Zhang Qiang, who lives in Chaoyang District, Beijing, shopped in the water purifier market a little hesitation: "This but the selling price hundred dollars, another company has sold nearly 5,000, almost looking appearance, it is impossible to separate good and bad. "March 13, after the reporter visited the market also found that many water purifier brand, the price disparity. Among them, the most expensive a price of only 196 yuan, installed directly on the faucet; the most expensive one for the Central Intelligence water purifier, priced at nearly million.

   In order to attract customers to buy, businesses also play an active, healthy concept rich in oxygen ions, "Beauty", "freckle", "can be anti-cancer" and other promotional uncommon. In a water purifier store, the clerk told this reporter a price of 4998 yuan of RO water purifier, called "filtering technology is the most advanced, can remove 99% of the impurities out of the water the healthiest." Look reporters too little high, the clerk also introduced a price of 998 yuan ultrafiltration water purifiers, water filters after saying rich in minerals, beneficial to the body.

   In addition to the price chaos, the quality of the water purifier has been in doubt. AQSIQ had 33 companies nationwide water purifier to conduct random checks and found that actually Sicheng failed. Director of the Chinese Academy of household appliances health appliances Analysis and Testing Center Lu Jian said the State Administration of Quality Supervision since 2014, has organized three national supervision, the results show that the water purifier pass rate does not exceed 70% in the appliance industry is a lower level.

   The industry Fung also broke the news to reporters, said a $ 2800 RO water purifier, found after open look, accessories for the ex-factory price of 1.8 yuan a meltblown filter, a 3 dollars compressed activated carbon filter, there are two elements not exceeding 3.5 granular activated carbon filter, and a 60 per RO membrane. "In addition to the low-end accessories, some businesses do not batch of water (drinking water hygiene and safety products health permits this document) also dare to sell."

   lack of industry and strongEffective supervision

   Lu Jian believes that prices were inflated, fiddling behind the efficacy of such phenomena, revealed several major problems of water purification industry. First, there is a standard, it is difficult to perform. There are GB / T30307 national standards and QB / T4143, QB / T4144 industry standard, the standard is there, but has not been widely adopted. Most companies are always trying to bypass the standards, some enterprises do not know the reason for failing the implementation of standards.

   Second, there is supervision, hard cover. Currently water purification industry is in a state of many and scattered, although the domestic water purifier brand has more than 4000, but it can become one of the few national brands. Behind the industry boom, driven by the interests of a large number of small businesses exist, virtually increased the difficulty of monitoring and enforcement.

   Third, the prior art, is difficult to distinguish. The biggest problem is the water purifier poor experience, with the appearance of the consumer, the price is difficult to distinguish between good and bad. Despite the clean water testing organization, but a small number, expensive, companies do not want to detect the extent that some products do not meet the standard requirements are also on sale.

   Fourth, consumers favor foreign brands of psychology, gave an opportunity to some unscrupulous businessmen, the name of "foreign name" banner profiteering. Lu Jianguo said that rely on government-led oversight, it is difficult to form the management of thousands of small artisan enterprises, some enterprises have become slip through the net, the problem exaggerated effect, false propaganda appears. He believes that consumers participate in the market supervision regulation is the best way.

   the filter should be replaced periodically

   The main function is to improve the water quality of the water purifier to remove chlorine, heavy metals, suspended solids and other harmful substances, but the use of substandard water purifier, but will pollute the water. Lu Jianguo said: "Some manufacturers say that their water purifier removes 99% of impurities, can create magnetized water, or have certain health care function most of these claims are marketing gimmicks, the lack of scientific evidence, consumers need to choose carefully. "select qualified water purifier, Lu Jianguo gives a few suggestions.

   First, view the documents. Depends on dealer sales documents (business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, etc.) are complete. Also, are there health permits the state health department issued a drinking water health and safety, or if the sale of businesses that do not get it out, so do not buy a water purifier.

   Second, understanding quality. Water quality good areas to buy water purifier filterYou can; chlorinated water, the taste is heavy polluted area, or direct consumption needs of families, optional reverse osmosis water purifier. Generally, fresh water directly mounted on the faucet, a microfiltration membrane is used, the effect will be weaker than ultrafiltration.

   Third, look filtrate. North and the South of limestone of high hardness region, water calcium and magnesium ion content is high, with the ion exchange resin should buy advanced filter cartridge water purifier. Chlorinated water, heavier odor heterochromatic regions, optional large amount of activated carbon home water purifier.

   Fourthly, the rate of waste water to see. Depending on whether the water purifier test report of national accreditation bodies, whether marked with detailed manufacturer and wastewater rate water purifier. Similar water purifier, waste water try to select low.

   water purifiers use the longer, the more the filter blocking harmful substances, its function weakens. Lu Jianguo remind some consumers After installing a water purifier long time do not replace the filter, not only would not achieve the role of clean water, but also may cause secondary pollution of tap water. Regular manufacturers of water purifiers, contact cards will be shipped with a sale, the above will be marked how long it takes to replace the filter. Consumers find the best purchased brand aftermarket, regular replacement.

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