Water purifier market trends Great Leap Forward -crisis- coe

   of the water pollution situation is still not optimistic

   According to the Central Ministry of Environmental Protection released the "China State of Environment 2015," said the countrys 967 state-controlled sections surface (points) to carry out water quality monitoring, 鈪?~ 鈪?class, 鈪?~ 鈪?and worse than Grade 鈪?accounted for 64.5%, 26.7% and 8.8%. Publication proposes, 5118 The groundwater monitoring points, excellent water quality monitoring point level ratio of 9.1%, a good level monitoring points ratio 25.0%, preferably level monitoring points proportion of 4.6%, a poor level monitoring points ratio was 42.5%, the proportion of poor level monitoring points 18.8%.

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   user is actively consumer attitudes change from the trend

   due to increased water pollution, water pollution caused by the consumer health threat perception in strengthening, and this contradiction between pollution and health has also been highlighted. It is in great health and pollution trend of prominent contradictions, more and more consumers understanding of water purifier tend to start the initiative. Early on, water purification products market development and consumer awareness is low, the latter with the enhancement of market development, enterprise training, and enhance consumer awareness; subsequently would be to increase brand influence.

   water purification amplified scale year after year, but the slowdown

   2014 to 2016, growth in water purifier market size from 8 billion to nearly 21.5 billion from the rapid expansion of market size, but As the market base growing, the growth rate of the overall market situation began to slow down, from 98.5% in 2014 to 80.1% in 2015 and then to 48.5% in 2016 (to October 2016). Coexistence

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market "crisis"

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market "crisis" coexistence

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