Water purifier brand advantages d disadvtages

   now net water purifier brand and more numerous, but also makes the product look dazzling. Xiao Bian that the choice of water filter brands should look at the comprehensive ability. Because the current strength of each water purifier manufacturers are not the same, product technology, strictly speaking, when the brand water purifier may be appropriate in local sales, which is a good sign that you are in the world top 500, so what? In this case, " brand "is the companys water purifier hardware, and if it is the vitality of enterprises is weak, which means that basically no competitive advantage, such as product development, upgrade management, and marketing investment; no strong brand competitiveness, corporate goods market competitiveness to defeat competitors, the market price of natural difficult to raise, which would bring lower added value. Heres a good number of questions about what brand water purifier, do some inventory.


   United States and Chinas goal is to make people know that the US water purifier, whether it is advertising or channel access, since 2005 to enter the market, sales have been tepid. In the water industry in the United States there is no core technology, smart marketing by foot, the product line is also relatively simple, like the United States to follow suit, whether it is black and white appliances, but in terms of what can be done boss, making the United States the water purifier is always difficult to keep up with international pace. Such enterprises to enter the United States water purification industry, the development of the whole industry will play a strong role in promoting, in terms of beauty, in fact, just for fun mentality, the entire marketing spending is simply a drop in the bucket!


   Penstor (Sea Fest) is committed to being a superior management, results-oriented and promote international scientific and technological intelligence purifier brand. It has become the worlds largest smart water purifier manufacturers. R & D team developed a series of "smart" water purification products into the Chinese market, Bin Fest is not only the leading professional counterparts in the field of design, product design repeatedly nominated for the international "Red Dot Award", and thus become the global smart water purifier and Development development trends and benchmark, but because it is the EU market has been its business segments into China relatively late, the national second and third tier market is weak. The highest brand awareness, the more shoddy counterfeit goods, please confirm the purchase of the product brand is "Sea Fest", if the manufacturer is "Sea Fest" and another product trademarks may cause the query error.


   domestic water purification industry has done relatively large enterprises, mainly ultrafiltration membrane technology isOne of technology, but also a small number of companies with their own core technology, ultrafiltration membrane has reached the international market. Although almost like Patio start time, but the position in the field of water treatment far exceeds the Patio. May be due to focus on the industrial water treatment, household water purifiers is a bit slow in new product development and marketing, product variety is relatively simple, general liters of water purification product quality is good.


   one of the first to enter the Chinese manufacturers in the field of water purification industry, is one of the manufacturers in the most powerful technical research and development. Over the years it has been steady, patient carrying a "kitchen water purifier." But too wanted stability, but also led companies to lose their edge. Performance is nothing new in the product, leaving only imitate. Since water machine developed the accident, this one has been their flawed.


   excellent marketing planning capability, sales network construction speed and terminal sales capabilities are quite astonishing, product positioning is not really very good, but the same manufacturer brand water purifier brand investment of not less than two two, there is confusion among consumers audiovisual suspects, but the face of such rapid expansion, the enterprises internal management and personnel training is a challenge!

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   considered Yuigahama Fest early entry into the Chinese market imported water purifier brand in major cities have sales. Series of relatively simple, as the main activated carbon filter material. American Water Standard relatively high, substantially water purifier only need to handle it like chlorine, but the direct use of such a simple product to do the Chinese market is a bit overwhelming. The face of Chinas complex water quality, simple product market improved a bit, the other agent market turmoil also worthy of attention, in order to expand, the need to solve these two problems.

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   Angel drinking water Industry Group is one of three strong traditional drinking fountains, do not put on the list can not be justified. Water Industry Group since 1992, the products covered drinking fountains, drinking water special water purification equipment, pipeline water dispenser, drinking water bags, water bags and other packaging equipment, leading products for Angel brand drinking fountains and water purification equipment. There are plenty of resources in terms of channels, but in the water purification project, estimated interior also is in the midst of extreme contradictions, after all, is the main item Angel drinking fountains, and the development of water purifier seems to go drinking leather life . Internal conflicts are not resolved Renzouchaliang is an inevitable result, but the market titular "Angel" Companies really a lot, true and false Li KuiInjury can not afford!

   "On energy" and "CANATURE" brand well-known trademarks in China, was established in 2001 February 27, Habitat domestic water treatment industrys first listed company founder Shanghai is well-known entrepreneurs, Mr. Qu Jianguo. It is the first brand positioned in the center of the water purifier. But due to consumer awareness and consumption capacity, although progress has been no big improvement. As in recent years, consumer awareness and the ability to significantly improve the central machine market, there have been rapid growth. But with the use of time, began to reveal activated carbon + KDF media are not suitable for dealing with complex water quality, not suitable for a large number of defects domestic water treatment, product innovation can be off, this is a new proposition!

閲戝埄婧愬噣姘村櫒 [ 123] Li Yuen marketing and image integration terminal market is still in place, Relay Universiade 2011 marketing theme, brand reputation make Jinliyuan up a gradient. Merchants benefit, Li Yuen overly rely on investment so that this economic approach of insurance, investment Li Yuen confusion has been cut and chaotic, Li Yuen-free electric booster pump water machine technology, known as the fifth great invention of mankind.

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