Water purification filter maial inside wh- Come up knowledge

   water purifier filter is the core of the water purifier, the water filtration through the layers inside or groundwater filtered off harmful substances. Surely there are a lot of people know each filter stage have played a different filter effects. But still many people do not know each filter stage by what material is made of. So today small rose up knowledge.




water purification filter material inside what? Take up the knowledge (picture from the network)

   a, PP cotton

   PP cotton filter is one of essential water purification, which can effectively filter water sediment , rust and other large particulate matter visible to the naked eye, is the most commonly water purifier cartridge replacement. PP cotton filter material made of a polypropylene resin fibers, the adhesive is made by winding the fibers themselves. Filter structure for coarse fiber layer, the inner layer of fine fibers, loose outer layer, the inner diameter of the gradient graded-tight structure. Outside-level filter, the inner layer closer to the cartridge, the smaller the pore size of the filter is higher precision. Unique gradient depth filtration residue formed a perspective effect, it has a high porosity, high retention, a large amount of pollutant, high flow, low pressure drop characteristics.

   So the difference between the water purifier and 5 microns 1 micron PP PP cotton cotton? Material composition is not changed, and the location is determined from the number (PP cotton pore size was estimated number) than the third stage filter a first filter stage a small pore size, low permeability. Simply, dealing with more subtle impurities.

   Second, the activated carbon

   Activated carbon is most commonly used in water purifier are coconut shell activated carbon particles (the UDF), sintered activated carbon filter (CTO), also known as carbide compressed activated carbon filter cartridge, after active carbon (T33). Activated carbon is used generally charcoal, charcoal, husk and various quality coal as a raw material, crushing the raw material by physical and chemical methods, sieving, catalyst activation, rinsing, drying and screening a series of manufacturing processes is made, which has the dual characteristics of physical adsorption and chemical adsorption, the adsorbed water can be selected various substances in order to achieve the purpose of decoloration, deodorization and removal of chemical contamination, and other volatile organic compounds.

   Granular activated carbon (UDF): granular activated carbon purifier main medium of activated carbon particles. Activated carbon is typically placed in a plastic housing, in order to prevent the leakage of fine particles, generally in the filter inlet and theOther higher precision placement of the outlet filter of the filter material intercept. Its characteristics compared with other activated carbon, since the activated carbon particles loosely dispersed, the pressure loss of these products is relatively small, a relatively large water flow; commonly used to improve the taste and the like simple applications, or as a pre-filtered to remove chlorine, the downstream protection a reverse osmosis membrane filter medium is easily oxidized.

   The sintered activated carbon filter (CTO): primary filter media composite sintered carbon rods purifier is carbon rods. Carbon rods are usually fired by the different particle sizes of activated carbon powder and high temperature adhesive material. Since the porous structure which is characterized by the active carbon powder (estimated specific surface area of 鈥嬧€? to 5 grams of active carbon powder is equivalent to a standard football field size), the activated carbon after the firing rod is very dense, water for the odor, odor , chlorine and volatile organic compounds and other pollutants have high removal efficiency, some manufacturers produce high carbon rods can even spore cysts according NSF53 standard filter, without using additional filter media microfiltration, ultrafiltration and the like. Due to the excellent performance of the composite sintered carbon rods, such products may be used directly in applications for drinking, cooking and other demanding filtration, ultrafiltration may also be used, such as reverse osmosis water purification to improve the final effect of a filter.

   After the active carbon (T33): granular activated carbon is also a kind do not described here

   three, KDF filter

   US KDF KDF! water treatment company with a new technology developed by a filter for water treatment, which is a high-purity copper and zinc alloy. Characterized obvious effect removal of residual chlorine, the chlorine removal capacity of the activated carbon is ten times to several times; have a very strong effect on the removal of heavy metal ions; scale has certain effectiveness; inhibiting the propagation of bacteria and algae in the water; long lasting. In KDF redox process based on a small amount of water to form an oxide, attendant calcium / magnesium precipitates should be regularly removed. Therefore, you do a good job in selecting such a water purifier selected during backwash function, so you can remove any surface dirt stuck in KDF.

   IV: membrane hollow fiber membrane

   For comparison ultrafiltration believe we will understand, is a consistent, reproducible pore size, nominal pore size range of 0.01 micron microfiltration membrane. Ultrafiltration membrane materials are cellulose and its derivatives, polycarbonates,Chloride, polyvinylidene fluoride, polysulfone, polyacrylonitrile, polyamide, polysulfone, sulfonated polysulfone, a polyvinyl alcohol cross-linked, modified acrylic polymers and the like. Characterized by: a membrane of hundreds to thousands of hollow fiber fine root filaments, typically an inner diameter of the hollow fiber membranes in the ultrafiltration membrane between 0.6-6mm called capillary membrane, ultrafiltration capillary large inner diameter due to the film, can not easily be clogged large particulate matter. Ultrafiltration membrane is widely used, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc., can be purified as a drug concentrate, fruit juices, dairy products, etc., purified water, mineral water purification, ultrafiltration device with filter effects, high water volume, stability Features.

   Fifth, a reverse osmosis (RO) membrane

   reverse osmosis principle under the action of osmotic pressure above, according to other substances through the semipermeable membrane can not be separated from water and these materials Come. Intercept a reverse osmosis membrane material is greater than 0.00001 m, a membrane is separating the finest product, which can effectively retain all of the dissolved salt and organic molecular weight greater than 100, while allowing water molecules. In the 21st century, the reverse osmosis membrane technologies are monopolized by foreign countries, while China was not until the late 1990s began mastered the production technology of reverse osmosis membranes. The history dates back to the early days, when the leaders of our country have awareness desalination prospects and future role in society. Currently reverse osmosis technology has been widely consumed in household water purifiers to come.

   VI resin filter

   The resin is a porous, insoluble exchange material. Softener resin fine particle filter built with millions of plastic balls (beads). Using metathesis exchanged water, calcium, magnesium and other metal ions, thereby reducing the hardness of the water, remove the scale, the use of renewable.

   water purifiers in each of the filter are entrusted with the task of irreplaceable, but also each of the filter has a different life, so be sure to use a water filter regularly replace the filter, in order to ensure clean water quality.

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