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   affected by the epidemic, people are concerned about their health consciousness gradually increased, related to drinking water, safe water purifier attention of many consumers, the development of the water industry is therefore promising.

   March 26, the National Grid-sponsored "2020 common future with the fight against SARS" home appliance industry ushered in the seventh live online forum, this time to "spring water industry ten" as the theme, brands, channels and data organization, for the issues the industry situation, product innovation, future development opportunities given their views.



   water purification business opportunities ushered in by the epidemic

   epidemic to the water industry has brought great opportunities for development, water purification products for the users attention a substantial increase, but the installation is limited, stores shut down also led to a downward trend in overall sales down the line.

   now, this years four water purification industry showed overall trend. First, the epidemic search for people and concern about health products are improving, search volume, orders are growing. Second, the installation is limited, showing a trend of classified growth. Orville cloud network data, desktop water purifier line during the epidemic increase of 33.2%, far higher than the growth rate of previous years. Jingdong appliances water purification health appliances category, head of Fang Zhe also pointed out that desktop water purifier, net tap, water bottles and other net free installation or easy to install product sales increased significantly. Third, the affected capacity utilization and new-to-market delays, market sales of the product mix currently old products, products with low-cost competition and therefore exhibits a high tendency to predict sales will at least before the advent of repair at 618. Fourth, the waste water ratio, throughput, volume and other experience like selling point has been restrained, with independent core change, water quality display overt selling products more popular with consumers.

   As the epidemic in the country gradually been effectively controlled, the water industry development trend this year will happen to change, become a topic of practitioners of common concern. Orville cloud network Guomei De president believes that although the water industry for the first time negative growth in the past five years, the first quarter sales may decline 40%, but the epidemic is to curb sales, not orders throughout the year will show a high to low trend, this years growth will be slightly better than last year. In his view, the water industry there is still much room for imagination, water purifiers also belong to the category growth, is still in the flourishing state, in the form of products, channels, formats, usage scenariosThe complexity also Forced enterprises to market segments.

   From the product type, free installation, easy to install products has been welcomed by many consumers, many companies have laid out for that direction this year. Fang Zhe believes that cupboard under water purifiers, central water, central water softener and other issues involving the installation of the product category, which broke out in previous years, it will be delayed 2-3 months compared to the epidemic but also to consumers on how to fast, easy to use products more attention, including Philips, the United States and other brands are planning to launch a desktop water purifier new products.

   From the product layout point of view, companies should focus on different consumer groups and usage scenarios, the introduction of differentiated products. US kitchen and Director of Operations Division, hot water purifier Ma Gao said the company in terms of young, popular and high-end technology such as, for water purification products for the corresponding layout, respectively, for different populations with water and water scenes, each introduced technology different products. "We have many different perspectives from water, kitchen water, drinking water and other multi-function, combined with the current family demographics, housing design, usage and other design appropriate solutions for consumers, to help consumers select products for their applications, so as to achieve to reach consumers the purpose of the real needs. "

   Although the water industry to maintain steady growth over the past five years, but no real outbreak, the reason is that consumer awareness of water purification products is too low. Enterprise and platform are busy with sales, but has no effect for consumers around the water purifier doubts, in the true sense as a guide. Jun Wei, general manager of Philips water marketing health center that, after the outbreak, industry, enterprise platform and should be continued attitude to educate consumers, the only way the industry can state enterprises will be willing to invest, the products will do better.

   It is noteworthy that, in the process of consumer education, the enterprises should also fully consider the cost on the filter element, from the perspective of the consumer experience, but also to promote the popularization of water purifier products.

   water purification product innovation is vast

   growth opportunities facing the industry brought about by the epidemic, how product innovation, thus contributing to the formation of consumer buying behavior has become a common problem faced by business. For now, big flux, smaller than the waste water, small size large flux, interactive, display quality, autonomous for the core, smart faucets are subject to the markets attention, Orville cloud network pointed out that penetration of these products than Earlier improved.

   now, for different groups, different scenarios of subdivision development, water purification products are still a lot of space to play. Fang Zhe said the product can do a corresponding feature upgrades for maternal and child populations, young people and the elderly population. Companies can launch a net heat for maternal and child population under one machine cabinet, to facilitate their direct drinking water and red milk; for young people can be introduced into the sparkling water, to facilitate their direct drinking sparkling water, carbonated drinks and other homemade; they have for the elderly launched between RO and UF, RO and ultrafiltration or a combination of products, to facilitate their absorption by water and tea for the body of minerals. In addition, to meet the Office of the crowd and the crowd using water purifier pet, but also consider the direction of development.

   differentiate upgrade in terms of functionality, but also an important direction of product innovation. A product manager for Hangzhou Electric Company Lixiao Kun pointed out that some users use a water filter, also pay attention to cleaning of meat, fruits and vegetables, and water quality when the flux of tableware, which is the need to focus on enterprise point. Ma Gao said water purification companies should also consider how to bring additional features, such as coffee water purifier, water purification ice machine, net heat one machine, so that consumers can enjoy more features while buying a product. Water purification technology can also be considered with washing machines, water heaters used in conjunction with, the more integrated water purification products to meet the different needs of consumers.

   However, water purification technology in all kinds of additional consumers while improving user experience, but also pay attention to product safety. Minister of Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine Comprehensive Test Center Health Department of appliances WU platinum pointed out that when the water purification product application ultraviolet radiation, ozone sterilization technology, when irradiated with long, have a certain influence on bands such as sterilization effect, not have this feature, the product to achieve the desired effect. Enterprises should allow consumers to have detailed knowledge of these features ensure safe and reliable in use.

   (Source: HC, invasion deleted)

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