Scientific and technological innovation, the strength ofhe K


The past two years, along with the attention fog and haze and air pollution, air purifiers on the people in the true sense of the performance of the domestic market is like a roller coaster, from "red to purple," to the "gas network is Red", again to revitalize now. After twists and turns, consumers are increasingly rational, but also to cultivating technology products and services to win more consumer trust Korean music, popular.



talk about the mere mention of haze, air purifiers touted


published history of the first haze orange alert since the 2013 Beijing Meteorological Observatory, China began to face history of severe air pollution. Haze and air pollution appears more and more frequently in the horizon, air purifiers and therefore increasingly common up. At this time, since the empty net domestic product in the production process to be much less certain, and in many core technology, no leading foreign brands, especially in this type of air purifier requires precision industrial technology products, due to technology at home and abroad differences, is to let foreign brands in the country in full swing.



localization lack of innovation, deep quality crisis


However, the air purifier hot did not last long. 2016 new empty net GB introduced, to consolidate the market. Later in the year, the China Consumer Association and the State Administration of Quality Supervision roll call quality problems 5 Best Selling foreign air purifier. Subsequently, the countrys import and export commodity inspection and quarantine authorities other than the statutory inspection catalog also carried out supervision and inspection. The results show that foreign air purifiers failure rate as high as 23.2%, of which there have been many international big tradition. Industry experts generally believe that foreign brands frequently burst quality problems, in part because of foreign brand products directly to other markets to move to China, lack of innovation and localization for the Chinese market did.


foreign air purifier in the domestic market from "red to purple" to become the "gas network red" performance, many want to air purifier companies sounded the alarm, no longer wishful thinking " make quick money ", but a real good product, so refined technology. As Korea International Joint Management Group Limiteds luxury brand home appliances to light, Han Yue in product performance and brand services are significantly higher than other brands, with the market widely recognized favorable rate, in reputation rankings, Korean music has been closed as a trusted foreign air purifier brand.



since October 2017 to enter the market, Han Yuejian hold "science and technology to lead a healthy lifestyle, good at this for a living," the core brand idea, invest a lot of resources for the Chinese market localization of innovation. Han Yue launched a variety of models such as the HK air purifier products, more consumers consider the situation from the perspective of the indoor air of China, in addition to aldehyde addition to the functions of a major technological innovation haze. Recently, the Korean Music Series is a series of air purifier won the "Southern preferably air purifier", "Suning net 8 Star", " Nanshan Award and many other honors, received wide praise from industry experts and consumers.


from the air purifier brand development process, although foreign brands in core technology has advantages, but because most of the products are exported, there is no market for international segmentation, and therefore user experience and the production costs are not competitive. Han Yue basis to maintain the original technical advantages, invest a lot of resources for innovation and localization for the Chinese market, to ensure that products more in line with domestic consumption habits of consumers and aesthetics, which makes Han fun domestic air purifier market lay status, as many consumers love.

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