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   when we moved back to a home water purifier, when you thought happy, ease of use, however, if not buy water purifiers for their own families, it may not be satisfactory filtering effect. Can this time, how to verify whether the water purifier has played a good role in the filter? We can see from these areas.


   1. The transparent cup was visually observed

   First, we can use transparent glass filled with a glass of water filtered through the home water purifier, and then facing lit direction check carefully fine material suspended in water. If so, then the bad water purifier filter effects. If not, the cup was allowed to stand covered for three hours and then again observe whether a precipitate bottom of the cup, if any, impurities in the water suspension described seriously overweight, the effect of water purification filter failure. After


   with the pure water through the water filtration tea, tea inference rests a water component by night, return the next day to observe whether black tea? If tea black, iron in water description, manganese found excessive, the metal ion water purifier filter effect failed.


   3. Check with the way the smell of chlorine

   to take a glass of water by the glass directly in the faucet, then with the nose smell, if there is chlorine taste? If we can chlorine smell, excessive chlorine in tap water description! then with water receiving cup after cup of water purifier filter, detects the same way, or if flavored, then the bad effects purifier dechlorination.


   4. Check if the scale appears after boil

   to check the home water dispenser or kettle with a layer of the inner wall of whether a significant scale. If so, also shows that the local water hardness is too high, a high content of calcium and magnesium ions. Then use a clean water dispenser or kettle to home water purifier purified water to a boil, drinking continuously for about a week or burn to check whether there is still scale the inner wall of the kettle, or drinking when, whether Sese feeling, then, the same explanation water purifier filter ineffective.

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