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   Some time ago, Ms. Zhao has experienced an episode, one night six months old baby to sleep when the stop crying, small arms and other parts are still hand-poking. Initially, Zhao thought the child was frightened by the sound would not be too concerned about. But after time after the childs crying did not stop mean, she carefully review their children, only to find the reason: the babys back, thighs and other parts there is a little red dot. After the discovery, the children she and her husband immediately went to a nearby hospital to see.

   a doctor after careful examination and Ms. Zhao and exchanges, came to the conclusion that the child is allergic to the skin, and the problem probably lies in their use of water bathing the baby, the doctor said the hospital regularly hosts such a case, mostly because of residual chlorine, pollutants and bacteria in the water at home, to stimulate the babys delicate skin allergy triggered. As the hot weather, give the baby a bath every day Zhao became a required course, so the doctors say she is more agreeable.

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   According to a national survey of drinking water sources reported that 24% of my countrys current population of poor quality drinking water, about 70% of people affected by drinking water secondary pollution. On the one hand is due to aging water pipes, some of the contaminants will enter the water. On the other hand, the presence of the phenomenon of secondary water supply and some cells, i.e. transported from the water coming out of WSC after reaching the cell, the first cell through the reservoirs and other apparatus, then enter each household, may have an intermediate "water Pollution". Water "secondary pollution" to the market brought great business opportunities, drinking fountains, straight-drink, water purifiers ...... all kinds of electrical appliances into the consumers attention, but as far as I know, liters of water purification is currently the world one of the few able to develop high-performance membrane and achieve large-scale industrial production of membrane suppliers. It uses the principle of vertical cross-filter, automatic sewage, filter fouling is not a problem; filtered water safe and healthy, to the general public to provide clean drinking water and water security.

涓嶅啀璁┾€滅梾浠庢按鍏モ€? 绔嬪崌鍑€姘村櫒鎵撻€犲叏灞嬪噣姘存柟妗? src=

   liters of water purification professionals to the author, the secondary pollution best solution to solve the water mains at home is to install a whole house water purifiers liters, from the family source bacterial contamination of the filter, iron embroidery, colloids, and other impurities, together with partners such as ultrafiltration equipment, filtered water safety and pollution-free, healthy and tasty. It is understood that US experts study shows that "64% of harmful substances in water by washing, MuBath, etc. absorbed by the skin. Therefore, we must not only focus on drinking water quality, but also to pay attention to water quality, healthy drinking water to the transition from the concept of healthy water. "The idea of 鈥嬧€媤ater pollution in the current serious situation quickly get consensus of the scientific community. This is called" liters of ultrafiltration water purifiers, "the water purification device, you can easily bring home more than 95% of the water purification to "drinking water", started to make this idea into a home health trends.

   According to company general manager Chen Lianggang introduction liters, liters of water purifier has more than 100 million households, the key lies in "stand liter ultrafiltration membrane ", the new water purification materials, water purification filters cost less than one yuan per ton, the State Ministry of Science and certification authorities such as the four national key new product has now been widely used in the professional field of water treatment. the core technology liters of water purifiers is this the worlds leading PVC alloy capillary ultrafiltration membranes, which utilizes vertical cross filtration principle, to achieve automatic filter cleaning sewage, avoiding filter fouling, water purification to achieve a large throughput while Usually the conventional sewage water purification is not a small amount of water can not meet the demand of home drinking water. this is only 0.01 microns pore size filter membrane, filter out 100% of all types of bacteria and impurities, water retention mineral nutrients, to ensure drinking water and water for health .

   it is worth mentioning that all purifiers liters doing extremely cost-effective, and because the quality is improved, water heaters, washing machines and other water collector life is also extended, so the whole house water purification liters the system is not only a health aide to the force, but also home to save money is a good helper!

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