Water industry has great potential urgent for you to join


   21st centurys rapid economic development is rapid retrogression of the environmental era. In China five thousand years of civilization, no age, people will be like today, and for clean water, clean air have such a strong desire. Mountains, seems to have long ago memories, frequent exposure of water pollution incidents, so that the public concern in a hurry, because of this, my countrys water purification industry growing fierce Meng. Although the value varies, but the entire industry continue to burst data growth rate of the water purifier, can at least point out: the development of water purification industry attracted attention outside the industry.

   feast, opened in the hubbub of the seat

   2014 January - April, water purification equipment sales rose 45.2%; 1--7 Yuefen water industry increased by 70%; industry three consecutive compound annual growth rate of over 37%. Such data reported visible on numerous authoritative media everywhere.

   given the specific enterprise data is even more gratifying, in 2012, an increase of Jingdong Mall sales of water purification equipment 505% in 2013, an increase of up to 292%. 2014 January - April increased by over 100% again. January - April, the US water purification business increased by up to 100%. The report card also love good Seoul offers particularly gratifying.

   company news again and again, it is clear, a feast, has been unveiled. Support for the feast expectations, on the one hand is the frequent incidents of water pollution wake up sleeping on the domestic consumer awareness; on the other hand, it is the developed countries such as Japan and South Korea 85% market penetration marked the vast space - start awakening of consumer awareness, the reality is less than 5% penetration rate of over 30%, and year after year of high growth, so that the eyes of society as a whole focus on this: a huge gold mine and has entered the mining period.

   everything, in declaring the feast open seats.

   demand caused by product development and industry pioneer into the cause - highly profitable industry makes early entrants gradually increasing - the product is mature, end demand is leveraging cause market growth - market growth has attracted so many investors - competition in the market scale war, industry began a large-scale reshuffle shocks - such as the formation of a more stable duopoly or 3 + x and other formats.

   It should be said that this is a free market competition, the basic logic of the order of industrial development. In this logic sequence ofUnder each of the previous stage is a stage of inheritance and subversion and paving the way for the next stage. Just enter the high-speed channel for the water purification industry, there must be some rules and features to hold and adhere to, certainly there are some clouds, hardly enough to cover eyes.

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