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   water purifier development for many years now, but still tepid, many families also difficult to accept. So why the delay is not universal water filter water purifier how to make consumers believe again and use, clean water expert analysis as follows:?



   lack of standards and service system to become the biggest factor hindering development of the industry

   compared to developed countries, more than 70% penetration rate, only about 5% of the country, the gap is quite large. Water purifier development for so many years, but always remain low penetration rate, has many problems.

   First, the water purification industry started late, incomplete standards, lack of supervision. Market was mixed, mixed products, and often take frequent speculation concepts, such as "ecological water", "activated water" and difficult for consumers to discern. In general, consumers in deciding factor in choosing a water purifier, the brand and the price is in the first place. At present, domestic water purifier brand has more than 4000, most of the production of small and medium enterprises, market concentration is low.

   Moreover, because the water purifier is one of two remaining cake home appliances, an annual increase of water purifier business is still rising, many of which are no health documents relating to business, resulting in products of varying quality. In December 2015, the State Administration of Quality Supervision on 27 purifier sampling of enterprises, failed enterprises accounted for nearly half as many as 13. Product quality problems, is a big market hinder the development of the water purifier. Product quality problems, but also in water purification technology is relatively backward, truly independent research and development capabilities, to master the core technology of manufacturing one of the few companies, while foreign brand water purifier water purification technology leader in at least 30 years.

   Next, hysteresis service. Because unlike other home appliances water purifiers, can do a sale, the user during use, the need for regular replacement of filters, to avoid secondary pollution. This requires manufacturers have good after-sales service, the majority of domestic manufacturers currently still below standard. In addition, employees professionalism is not high. Part of the water purifier practitioners difficult objective and comprehensive understanding of the industry, but can not effectively guide consumers to purchase awareness and purchasing behavior. Consumer fear of product quality and functionality issues, concerns about after-sales afraid of filter replacement, created a "do not dare want to use with the" embarrassing situation.

   Finally, consumers lack awareness of water purification products. Because of the lack of understanding of water purifierAt the time of purchase are often overly concerned with brand and price, while ignoring the maintenance of post-use issue, after using satisfaction is low, consider the role of small water purifier. With increasing consumer understanding of water purifier, the demand for water purifiers will be further released. Future, water purification industry towards the needs of technology, centralization, specialization, brand development, uniform quality standards in order to get rid of potential market without the embarrassing situation.

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