Water purifier useful- Looking to the watindustry market pro

   Water Pollution recent events, so that consumers are increasingly concerned about healthy drinking water. Water purifiers related products get more and more consumers, the development prospects for the future. Although the existence of regulatory difficulties, standard lags behind many other problems water purification industry. However, he had denied, and finally a gold mine appliance industry is not to boast of.

   the implementation of my countrys current drinking water standard is implemented in 2012, a total of 106 indicators, with the worlds most stringent EU water quality standards essentially flat. However, exposure of water pollution is often unable to dispel doubts residents and water quality concerns. Ministry of Environmental Protection released data show that my country has 110 million residents and key enterprises, "a neighbor", 2.8 billion people lack access to safe water security.

   Consumers As living standards improve, the pursuit of good health, I hope to be able to drink the healthiest water, this is the opportunity for the development of water purification industry. . Domestic water purifier industry is still in the incubation period of the Enlightenment and the consumer market. Data show that my countrys urban home ownership rate in the water purifier is still less than 5%, compared with 70% of the gap between the poor European countries, promising huge potential for development of the industry, a lot of people find items of choice.

   2008 Beginning of household water purification industry began to accelerate development. Many foreign brands have also come to seize market share. Unlike traditional low-margin appliances, water purification industry average profit margin of more than 50%. In particular, the water purifier is the appliance industry has few supplies industry, in addition to selling products can also be through the sale of filters and other supplies access to services profit.

   suggested that the choice purifier must first do some research on local water quality, try to compare differences in some of the multi-brand, to choose their own areas where water quality water purification products. Foreign brands as early as in developed countries through the expense of the environment and development of the times, their different water quality water purification products can handle, do not go superstition foreign brands.

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