Water purifier market prospects areromising upstream supplis

   April 9, 2016 Ceremony & environmental economic hundred enterprises in China drinking water a press conference held as scheduled in Beijing Wuzhou Crown International Hotel. Organized by the "China Daily" organized by the China Environmental Journalists Association Secretary-General Liu Guozheng, vice president of the China Chamber of Commerce Fulong Cheng, Dean of Renmin University of China School of Environment Malaysia, China Association for Quality Inspection of water purification equipment Professional Committee chairman Dengrui De and other leaders attended the meeting and made a keynote speech.




China Daily Vice President Zhang Jiaming

   this event through sales of more than 200 companies signed up, production capacity, product innovation , service satisfaction and other aspects of screening comparison, the final 69 companies received the "China drinking water 100 companies," the honorary title. Selected companies, including manufacturing enterprises, marketing-oriented enterprises, upstream suppliers, foreign brands, public drinking water equipment manufacturer and innovative enterprises. Which won the "2016 China drinking water 10 (20) strong supplier" honorary title of enterprises Bo Fan, Vontron, thinking the water treasure, Hanwha, UK Behringer, Cixi Abbott, Saehan and other well-known high-quality suppliers.




2016 China top ten suppliers of drinking water section award on behalf of

   China water purifier after 20 years of development, the overall showing a trend of rapid growth, companies the number has reached more than 4,000, the entire industry upstream and downstream industry chain is maturing. With the constant improvement and development of the market, technology development and product quality accessories industry relates to the market structure of the whole industry.

   relationship with the parts of the machine can be described as "lips and teeth" and decided to play a central role in accessories, many excellent quality of the enduring parts enterprises the ultimate success of the whole enterprise ace. But as a business, face accessories business was mixed, the phenomenon of mixed quality, how to select high-quality parts suppliers, many procurement decision-makers has been plagued by problems. As upstream suppliers, how to show the strength of enterprises, to achieve win-win cooperation with the trump of enterprises; for about to enter the water industry suppliers, in turn learn how to best upstream suppliers of Drinking Water 2016 China hundred enterprises news? conference, can be said to give a clear answer.


   as a core component of the water purifier pump ---- stability and safety decisionsQuality and performance of the device, Changzhou Bai Fan Electric Co., Ltd. as Angel, Patio, Haier, TCL, and other brands Four Seasons song Mu suppliers, the regulator introduced a new type of self-priming pump, the important feature is the complete evacuation structure, the biggest advantage of numerous cypress pump so the whole motor industry, water purification mute the best brands, long life to gain market unanimously approved. Annual output showed a substantial growth trend.





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